Robot Framework documentation

This page contains links to version specific Robot Framework User Guide, standard library, and built-in tool documentation. See and GitHub project pages for more information about the framework and the rich ecosystem around it in general.

User Guide

Robot Framework User Guide is a reference manual explaining all Robot Framework features in detail. You can either View the selected version online or Download it as a zip package. This package contains also standard library documentation under libraries directory.

Standard libraries

These test libraries are distributed with Robot Framework. Click View to view the selected version online, and use Ctrl-S or equivalent to save the opened page locally if needed

New standard libraries are added time to time. Dropdown menus list versions in which libraries are available.

BuiltIn Contains generic often needed keywords. Imported automatically and thus always available.
Collections Contains keywords for handling lists and dictionaries.
DateTime Supports creating and verifying date and time values as well as calculations between them.
Dialogs Supports pausing the test execution and getting input from users.
OperatingSystem Enables performing various operating system related tasks.
Process Supports executing processes in the system.
Remote N/A Part of the remote library interface. Does not have any keywords of its own.
Screenshot Provides keywords to capture and store screenshots of the desktop.
String Library for manipulating strings and verifying their contents.
Telnet Supports connecting to Telnet servers and executing commands on the opened connections.
XML Library for verifying and modifying XML documents.

Built-in tools

In addition to the core test execution engine, there are some supporting tools built-in to Robot Framework. Clicking View opens the documentation of the selected tool online. In practice the documentation is opened from the selected User Guide version.

Dropdown menus list versions in which tools are available.

Rebot Tool for generating logs and reports based on XML outputs and for combining multiple outputs together.
Libdoc Tool for generating keyword documentation for test libraries and resource files.
Testdoc Generates high level HTML documentation based on Robot Framework test cases.
Tidy Tool for cleaning up and changing format of Robot Framework test data files.