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Robot Framework Foundation

Maintaining and promoting Robot Framework

Who we are

Robot Framework is a generic open source test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). For more details about the framework itself see http://robotframework.org.

Robot Framework Foundation is a non-profit consortium that fosters the growth of Robot Framework. It was founded by companies with a common interest to ensure the development of framework now and in the future.

What we do

We sponsor the development of Robot Framework with the focus on fixing bugs, reviewing pull requests by the community and making releases. New feature development and sponsoring other projects in the wider Robot Framework ecosystem can also be considered if we are able to collect enough sponsorship money. We also take care of the overall Robot Framework infrastructure including public web sites, email lists and CI servers. Finally, we promote Robot Framework by organizing meetups for users and otherwise.

The money for all these activities is collected from members as yearly payments.

How to join

The main benefit of being a member is assuring the future of Robot Framework. A more concrete benefit is that these member companies and organizations are listed here, making their Robot Framework knowledge or usage more visible for possible new clients, employers and other parties.

If the company or organization you represent is interested to join or you have any questions related to the membership, please send an email to robotframework-foundation@googlegroups.com and we will get back to you.

Annual membership fees (VAT 0%)
Number of users Service providers Product companies
1–10 1 000 € 500 €
11–50 2 000 € 1 000 €
51–250 4 000 € 2 000 €
251– 8 000 € 4 000 €

Annual membership fees are determined based on two factors: (1) number of people using, selling services or otherwise involved with Robot Framework; (2) is the organization a service provider selling Robot Framework related services, or is it a product company using the framework to test its own products.

If an organization joins mid-year, the fee for the first year drops 25% per quarter. In the first quarter you pay the full price, in the second quarter 75% of the full price, and so on.



Botlabs Oy is an expert in Test Automation, DevOps and RPA. Botlabs uses Robot Framework as the main technology in Test Automation offering for our customers. Our mission is to give customers the best knowledge and capabilities to reach their digitalization goals.


Comiq is a Finnish software quality service provider founded in 2003 employing around 60 QA consultants. Our expertise in quality assurance services helps our customers achieve their quality targets for their business critical IT projects.


Digia is a IT service company that helps its customers developing and innovating solutions that support business operations together with customers. We adapt to their specific industries to help them develop digital services, manage operations and utilise information, employing nearly 1,000 experts in Finland and Sweden.


Eficode is the leading devops company in Finland. Our services rely on automation, virtualisation and smart tool choices. Boring work tasks are left for robots while people get to focus on the best part of software production: creative and client-centred development work.


Eliga is a one-man company owned and operated by Pekka Klärck, the original author and lead developer of Robot Framework. It offers first class training and consulting services related to using and extending Robot Framework, test automation in general and Python programming.


Etteplan is a specialist in industrial equipment engineering, embedded systems and IoT and technical documentation solutions and services with deep knowledge in QA from network edge to cloud in Nordics. Etteplan provides also consulting services in test automation and QA process development.


Finnair is using Robot Framework to support Finnair digital platform development.


HiQ is a Nordic ICT service and consultancy company focusing on streamlining our customers' businesses and simplifying people's lives. We are specialists in demanding e-services, process integration and automation, quality assurance and business-critical IT.


Knowit is a consulting company that helps its clients succeed by operating close and in an innovative, business-oriented way. With our large pool of test automation professionals, we can ensure highest software quality and gain immediate and future savings.


Full-stack software development company that focus on high quality. Interest in data and AI/ML also. Luoto has one of a kind, modern organization structure through full partner program, with lean management and sharp focus on customer experience. Our customers will get best 10% of IT specialist in market, who own the customer experience.


Meliora Ltd develops Meliora Testlab, a cutting edge test management tool. Testlab integrates with Robot Framework to leanly give full visibility on quality – seamlessly integrating manual and automated testing efforts with specifications and issues.

Navigate Consulting

Navigate Consulting is an independent Consultant Company, working with services in the Nordic IT-market. We started our business in 2003, and have since the beginning built a leading software services company, with focus on Quality Assurance.


OpusCapita enables organizations to sell, buy and pay quickly and securely, with a real-time view of their business. Over 3000 customers in over 100 countries use our source-to-pay, cash management and product information management solutions to connect, transact and grow.


Q-Factory is specialized in test automation and quality assurance services. Our expertise is based on strong project experience, and extensive testing and test tool knowledge. We emphasize on early software quality and we help fixing quality issues when it's most economical – before they are made.


Qentinel is a Finnish company that specialises in information system quality assurance, offering a comprehensive range of services in this field with years of experience in the industry. We ensure the quality of information systems throughout their life cycle from business requirements to production.


Reaktor is a creative technology house that constructs exceptional digital services. We build services for clients specializing in finance, retail, media, telecommunications, in-flight services and the public sector.

Siili Solutions

We are a modern, full-service technology company. We help you create better business and meaningful digital experiences by combining strategic insight, creative design, data management, and technology expertise.

Sogeti Finland

Sogeti Finland is a leading provider of quality assurance, technology and engineering services, enabling digital transformation and offering cutting-edge expertise in Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Manufacturing, Quality Assurance & Testing, and emerging technologies.


Solidabis is a new agile and hungry company in the Finnish IT market. The core group of the company consists of seasoned business, service design, software development and testing veterans. Solidabis combines business and digitalization know-how with the best technical experience in software development.


Symbio is international co-creation innovation partner. We help our customers create high quality products and future services in digital world. Our core capabilities include software development, test automation, IoT and Connected Car development, QA, embedded development, interoperability and globalization services.


Testimate provides comprehensive and independent high-quality software testing services for small and large systems or products. Our employees are versatile testing experts with several years of experience in testing, managing and leading testing and test automation using commercial and open source tools. We know we are good at what we do – and our clients agree!

VALA Group

VALA Group provides outstanding software development and quality assurance services by utilizing automation, co-operation and intelligent tool selection for companies ranging from start-ups to major publicly listed companies. Our greatest strenghts include Test Automation, QA Process Consultation and Quality Driven Software Development.